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CDR Group Open Days

Our next Open Day is:

Friday 3rd August 2018
Open Day Subject:

Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Web Mapping at it's best

Pitney Bowes have invested a great deal of time and resources into improving Spectrum Spatial Analyst as their global web mapping application. Built upon the industrial strength Spectrum Platform, this is an out-of-the-box, powerful web mapping tool that can be accessed from any device in any location and has an intuitive interface that allows staff to jump straight into spatial data without any training. Our Open Day will run through everything that you need to know about this exciting and award-winning product.

We shall be joined by Chris Jenkins, our friendly Pitney Bowes expert on the subject. Version 12.2 was released last month and has some very nice self-serve, customisation features - you don't need to be a web developer to enhance the way you present data. Whether a small or large organisation, SSA is quick and easy to deploy onto a Windows server. Take your MapInfo data (and most other spatial databases) and publish it for both internal and/or external use via common web browsers - great on an iPad. And now, we can provide this through the G-Cloud 10 framework!

As usual, it's a very informal but informative morning. A chance to discover and ask plenty of questions. So please do pop over for chat, and of course a coffee and a Hobnob or two!

We start at 10:00am and aim to finish at 12:00pm
Arrive from 9:30am for coffee and a biscuit on Friday 3rd August.

And feel free to stay longer to discuss any GIS topic that you may need some advice on. Plenty of tea and coffee.
Our offices in the Peak District can be found using the postcode S33 6RW.

So please accept this as your invitation to this FREE session, held here at our offices in the Peak District.
Just reply to this email to let us know you are coming or need picking up from the railway station in Hope (on the Sheffield to Manchester-Piccadilly line).

You can contact us on 01433 621282 or e-mail sales@cdrgroup.co.uk
We look forward to seeing you.

Past Open Day Themes

Date Theme
Jun 1st 2018 Ordnance Survey Data
May 11th 2018 MapInfo version 17
Mar 2nd 2018 We're talking all things Ordnance Survey Data! (CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW)
Dec 1st 2017 A Roundup of Technology Changes
Jul 7th 2017 MapInfo Pro Super Tools
Feb 3rd 2017 How to load tons of Terrain Data in MapInfo v16. Plus - Using the New Layout Designer in bith 32-bit and 64-bit versions
Nov 4th 2016 MapInfo Pro v16 - 64-bit only
Sept 2nd 2016 MapInfo Pro version 16 Launch
May 6th 2016 MapInfo Pro 64-bit: Making the switch from 32-bit
Mar 11th 2016 OS MasterMap schema 9 due for release in April Are you ready?
Dec 4th 2015 Even more FREE data released by Ordnance Survey!
Nov 6th 2015 MapInfo Pro v15.2 64-bit and MapInfo Pro Advanced
July 3rd 2015 MapInfo 15 32-bit Launch plus MI Raster
June 5th 2015 An Open Day on RouteFinder and Road Networks
May 1st 2015 Ordnance Survey Data
Mar 6th 2015 MapInfo Pro 64-bit and the New MI Raster
Feb 6th 2015 What is GIS All About?
Dec 5th 2014 MapInfo 64-bit version 12.5
Nov 7th 2014 MapInfo Stratus and Spatial Analyst
Oct 3rd 2014 3D Mapping in MapInfo and Discover 3D
Sept 5th 2014 Ordnance Survey Data
July 4th 2014 The new MapInfo version 12.5
June 6th 2014 Are you open-minded?
May 2nd 2014 Cloudbusting with MapInfo Stratus
Apr 4th 2014 An Open Day on: What is GIS All About?
Mar 7th 2014 Local Govt Enterprise Programme from Pitney Bowes Software
Feb 7th 2014 3D mapping in MapInfo
Dec 6th 2013 Ordnance Survey Data
Nov 1st 2013 Getting the most from MapInfo Professional. (Without spending a lot of money)
Oct 4th 2013 MapInfo Stratus - Your GIS data in the Cloud
Aug 1st 2013 3D mapping in MapInfo
Jul 5th 2013 MapInfo version 12.0
Jun 7th 2013 What is GIS All About?
May 3rd 2013 OS Data
Mar 1st 2013 MapInfo Manager
Dec 7th 2012 MapInfo Manager
Nov 2nd 2012 OS Data
Oct 5th 2012 MapBasic and Tools
Sept 7th 2012 What is GIS?
Jul 6th 2012 MI Pro 11.5
Jun 1st 2012 3D GIS
May 4th 2012 Crime Profiler v2
Mar 2nd 2012 MI Tools
Feb 3rd 2012 OS data
Dec 9th 2011 MISALT Routing only
Nov 4th 2011 What is GIS?
Oct 7th 2011 MI Manager 1.2
Sept 9th 2011 UAF Paramics
Aug 5th 2011 Open Open
Jul 1st 2011 MI Pro 11.0
Jun 3rd 2011 3D GIS
May 6th 2011 MI Manager 1.1
Apr 1st 2011 Scanning
Mar 4th 2011 BAM 10
Feb 4th 2011 OS and Europa
Nov 5th 2010 MI Manager
Oct 1st 2010 What is GIS?
Sept 10th 2010 Crime Profiler
Jul 2nd 2010 MI Pro 10.5 full
Jun 4th 2010 MI Pro 10.5 beta
May 7th 2010 OS OpenData
Apr 1st 2010 Scanning
Mar 5th 2010 What is GIS?
Feb 5th 2010 More MI Tools
Dec 4th 2009 MI Tools
Nov 13th 2009 Stratus Connect 2.0
Oct 2nd 2009 3D GIS
Sept 4th 2009 OS data
Aug 7th 2009 Intro to GIS
Jun 5th 2009 Oh no! My workspace won’t open!