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Engage 5.0

Enhancements, Analytics & 3D for MapInfo Professional

Engage version 5.0 is a powerful extension to MapInfo Professional for Windows.

Building on the many powerful features of MapInfo Professional, Engage converts MapInfo Professional into a sophisticated yet easy-to-use tool for managing, manipulating and displaying virtually any geographically related data set. The Engage product suite gives users the ability to process and view data in ways that previously required a number of software packages. A wide range of commonly required functions make the Engage suite a powerful extension to MapInfo Professional. The Engage product suite encompasses three levels of functionality:

3D Terrain Image from Engage 3D


From simple timesaving additions to powerful data utilities, Engage accelerates your MapInfo Professional work with an extensive range of capabilities. Topology clean-up, real-time workspace control, image rubber sheeting, batch table operations and numerous other tools combine to make Engage the must have productivity boost for MapInfo Professional. In addition, explore your data in an advanced, interactive graphical environment to uncover trends and relationships not seen in simple data views.


  • Efficient control of your workspace - map window tools, advanced selection options and a floating, real-time Enhanced Layer Control
  • Faster map output - scaled and customised
  • Numerous data and workspace utilities
  • Powerful object editing and topology clean-up
  • Image rubber sheeting rectification
  • Advanced graphical data visualisation and interactive analytics


Advance your MapInfo Professional data visualisation and analysis by creating continuous surfaces from point or polygon data. Send your MapInfo Professional views into an interactive, real-time 3D environment and create fly-through movies.

With Engage3D's interactive user interface and real-time preview, gridded surface creation has never been easier. Use any of the numerous surface utilities and appearance controls for truly advanced visualisation and analysis. Send any map window view into 3D at a constant Z-level or drape it over a gridded surface. Then create and playback fly-through animations to give your presentations an exciting extra dimension.


  • Gridded surface creation with various methods, many options and a real time preview
  • Advanced surface display control
  • An extensive range of grid utilities and filters
  • Powerful queries, such as slope and aspect
  • Multiple-surface analysis
  • 3D window for viewing georeferenced and draped imagery
  • Real-time, interactive navigation within 3D
  • Fly-through creation
  • All of the productivity and analytical tools of Engage


Upgrade to Engage3D Pro for unsurpassed, integrated 3D power for MapInfo Professional.

Move your 2D objects into 3D or drag and drop in data from external sources. Create 3D projects containing voxel models (3D grids), 3D points and lines, 3D vector objects, 3D building models and gridded surfaces. Digitise directly into the 3D window and create your own triangulated surfaces and solids.


  • Extrude 2D objects to 3D solids or planes
  • Display 3D points and lines
  • Load gridded surfaces
  • Drag-and-drop capability for all supported 3D object types
  • Create, display and manipulate voxel models
  • Digitise directly into 3D
  • Create triangulated surfaces and solids from input 3D vector data
  • Drop in 3D vector data of various formats

Quick Facts on Engage

  • Extends the functionality provided by MapInfo Professional
  • Provides numerous efficiency tools to increase users' productivity within MapInfo Professional
  • Provides tools for users to efficiently manage their MapInfo data
  • Provides advanced cartographic tools
  • Provides interactive graphing tools
  • Provides statistical analysis tools
  • Allows the creation, visualisation, and analysis of gridded surface data
  • Allows sophisticated 3D visualisation

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