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This Week's Wisdom:
1. Quick Access Toolbar
2. Keyboard Shortcuts
3. MapInfo Timeline
4. Importing GML files into MapInfo
5. Overcoming objections when moving to 64-bit
6. Considerations when moving to 64-bit
7. How to elevate from 32 to 64-bit MapInfo in ONE Day
8. MapInfo Print Templates - SmartText
9. How to Create Points
10. Convex Hulls! How to create a region around your points in MapInfo
11. Projection Systems and MapInfo
12. Thematic Maps
13. MapInfo Pro Advanced and the Raster Ribbon
14. Knowledge Communities
15. Print Layouts
16. Licence Types
17. Downloading MapInfo
18. Splitting Windows
19. Doughnuts
20. MapInfo keyboard shortcuts
21. OS Copyright
22. OpenData
23. Zoom Layering
24. Grouping Layers and Friendly Names
25. Tool Extensions Manager
26. DriveTime Regions in MapInfo
27. RouteFinder
28. MapInfo Online Geocoding services
29. MapInfo's Pack Table data management tool
30. Labelling maps in MapInfo
31. Importing Data
32. Vertical Mapper
33. HS Gridder
34. Directory Preferences
35. MapInfo's Spider Graph vs Distance Calculator Tool
36. MapInfo's Coordinate Extractor Tool
37. MapInfo's Display Override and Label Override Options
38. Voronoi
39. Scale Bars
40. OS Web Service
41. Hexagon Tool
42. StreetView Tool for MapInfo Pro
43. MapInfo Timeline
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cdrgroup.com cdrgroup.co.uk
browse-a-map.co.uk mapdotnet.co.uk
CDR Group Web Mapping Applications and Links
http://www.browse-a-map.co.uk Direct link to CDR Group homepage
Sheffield Archive Maps Sheffield Archive Maps in conjuction with Sheffield City Council
Precisely MapInfo
https://www.precisely.com/ Precisely Software site
http://blogs.pb.com/pbsoftware/blog/location-intelligence-gis/ Precisely Software blogs
https://community.precisely.com/home MapInfo Pro and Location Intelligence Experts share tips and tricks and success stories
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaXY9i2sI70fTcVGZ-C_RFu3TfX99Weez YouTube Video tutorials
https://support.precisely.com/ Software & Data Solutions Support
http://www.pbinsight.com/support/product-documentation/details/mapinfo-pro Documentation for MapInfo Professional
https://www.linkedin.com/organization-guest/company/preciselydata Follow Precisely on LinkedIn
https://community.precisely.com/communities/community-home?communitykey=fe4d1ee2-f1c6-4307-87d2-00bea1344885 Knowledge Community: Send us your suggestions (Knowledge Community account login required)
http://www.autodesk.co.uk/ Autodesk
Ordnance Survey
CDR's Ordnance Survey - Paid Product Guide CDR's Ordnance Survey - Paid Product Guide
CDR's Ordnance Survey - Free Product Guide CDR's Ordnance Survey - Free Product Guide
CDR's Alternative Free Product Guide CDR's Alternative Free Product Guide
http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk Ordnance Survey
http://www.finance-ni.gov.uk/topics/mapping-and-geographic-information Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (LPS)
GIS Organisations/Associations
http://www.agi.org.uk The AGI's home page
Discussion Groups/Resources
http://www.directionsmag.com GIS downloads and news
http://www.emapsite.com/mapshop GIS issues
http://www.ucl.ac.uk/jdi UCL Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science
https://data.gov.uk/ UK Location Groups/Resources
Miscellaneous sites
http://www.cdrgroup.co.uk/maps.htm Site Centred Waterproof Maps
http://www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/index.html UK National Statistics
http://www.geos.ed.ac.uk/geography/ GIS Dictionary
http://www.bing.com/maps/ Microsoft Live Search
http://www.streetmap.co.uk UK street map locator
http://www.getmapping.com Aerial UK maps
http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/ Earth & moon viewer
https://earth.google.com/web/ Google Earth
https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ XML sitemap generator
https://www.nqa.com/en-gb Accredited Certification
http://www.fusionbot.com Free Site Search and Sitemap designer

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