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Archived News



Precisely Spectrum Spatial v2022.1 Released

Spectrum Spatial v2022.1 - was released on the 31st March and is now available.

v2022.1 of Spectrum Spatial

This release tackles the major security concerns following the Log4Shell vulnerability issue of last year, that affected most java based systems. The Spectrum Platform (which includes Spectrum Spatial server) and Spectrum Spatial Analyst will now require JDK 11 as a pre-requisite for deployment. JDK8 is no longer supported for deployment of the Platform.
It also comes with enhanced features and a number of bug fixes.

Here's a list of some of the most important improvements in Spectrum Spatial v2022.1:

  • Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) table - volatility enhancements. The concept of volatility will now apply to TAB files which are using MRR as a source.
  • MRR precision and type enhancements.
  • Sub-admins to manage their own named connections via the Spatial Manager.
  • Support for SQL Server 2019 and Oracle 18c and 19c data sources.
  • Support has been added for PostGIS as a destination source when uploading data from SSA using the internal data upload service. SSA will now show connections for Post GIS in addition to SQL Server and file-based connections (which are used for uploading to TAB file as a destination).
  • Show data bind info using custom templates.
  • Support for Third Party WMTS services.
  • Spatial Analyst and the extensibility framework have been upgraded to Angular 11. The benefits are that load times when first browsing to the application will be noticeably improved.

The underlying components used by Analyst have been updated. The primary changes are:-

  • Openlayers is now on version 6.5 rather than 4.5.

  • PrimeNG is version 11.

  • The underlying library supporting extensibility actions and state management is now NGRX 11.

For more information on the Precisely website visit

(April 2022)

Spectrum Spatial Image

MapInfo Pro v2021.1 Released

MapInfo Pro v2021.1 - a minor upgrade to MapInfo Pro v2021 - was released on the 31st March and can be downloaded from here

v2021.1 of MapInfo Pro

This release comes with full support for all the localized languages that MapInfo Pro supports. And, it also comes with enhanced features and a number of bug fixes.

Here's a list of some of the most important improvements in MapInfo Pro v2021.1:

  • New Choose Projection dialog with favourite and most recent used projections and with Search support lets you reuse and find projections a lot easier
  • Support for time-enabled WMS layers allows you to use these in conjunction with Time Series. The time-enabled layers are marked with a time symbol in the Open WMS Table dialog
  • Visibility Expression support for Raster and Vector layers allows you to control when a layer should be visible.
  • Can be used in combination with Time Series to turn on and off layers for specific time intervals.
  • You can now time-enable layers for the Time Series analysis in more ways. You can use existing columns, use a MapBasic expression, use the Layer Visibility Expression, and you can use a time-enabled WMS layer.
  • New projections for Germany and the Philippines.
  • Refresh Query support in these dialogs: SQL Select, Select by Location and Select by Attribute let you refresh an already open query without removing it from windows.
  • WFS Tab files in a shared location. WFS data files can now be stored in a temporary location allowing you to share the WFS tab files across multiple users
  • Offline MapInfo Pro Viewer lets you use MapInfo Pro Viewer without constant internet access.

And don't want to forget that MapBasic v2021.1 has also been released. Find it here

The place to go to find out more - complete with images and further explanation - is the MapInfo Pro online Community. Peter Moller does a great job here

(April 2022)

Click the image to view the time series video
Click to view the time series animation





MapInfo Pro v2021: A Complete Desktop Mapping Solution for the GIS Analyst

MapInfo Pro v2021 has launched and available from October 4th. Lots of new features including Time Series capabilities, more advanced raster support, expanded support for cloud-based data, easier querying and more file formats.

Many of our customers have been using MapInfo Pro for decades, and the thing that keeps them coming back, version after version is that it’s easy. With every iteration new features and tools built on the latest technology provide the most complete, easy-to-use desktop GIS system available. As technology advances, MapInfo Pro improves.

NEW Time series capabilities

  • Create stunning visualizations from your time-enabled data using our new time series feature
  • Change the time period, display period, speed, and more with the time toolbar
  • Export your time series for easy sharing with your colleagues

NEW Select by attribute tool

  • Query and visualize your data with ease using our new select by attribute tool
  • Eliminate the need for knowing SQL and ensure you’re retrieving the right data, every time

Expanded file format support

  • The data support has expanded to allow you to read and write numerous new file formats right out of the box
  • Supported file types include geopackage, geoJSON, well known text, GML, and more!

Want to try this out for yourself?

The Evaluation Version link below is an evaluation copy with 30 days free. If you decide to purchase a license, we shall provide you with a serial number and access code for the full version at the end of the trial period or any time prior.

MapInfo Viewer:

A free read-only version of MapInfo is available in v2021. This is part of the normal MapInfo installation where you can choose to install the viewer. This is available in the Trial version also.

NEW Subsciption Licensing

This is great news for new customers who would have been looking to purchase MapInfo Pro for £1,660 + VAT - as the new pricing is only £590 + VAT per annum.

What is more, is that it includes MapInfo Pro Advanced, any new software releases and technical support for the one annual fee!

If you have any questions or need a quotation, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

(October 2021)

Time series capabilities image


Precisely announces Subscription Licensing for MapInfo Pro

Like many software vendors, Precisely has moved to Subscription Pricing and Licensing for all new licences purchased from 1st July 2021.
This is great news for new customers who would have been looking to purchase MapInfo Pro for £1,660 + VAT - as the new pricing is only £590 + VAT per annum.
What is more, is that it includes MapInfo Pro Advanced, any new software releases and technical support for the one annual fee!

If you are on a current Maintenance And Technical Support (MATS) contract with an existing perpetual licence, then you can carry on with that model and also add more licences in the usual manner. There is an option to switch over to the Subscription model - and you will gain from having the Advanced version too. This means that you would lose the "perpetual" aspect of the MapInfo licence.

If you have dropped out of the annual MATS contract and want to upgrade to the latest version of Mapinfo Pro (maybe you are still on a 32-bit version), then you would go straight onto the Subscription Licence. This is also cheaper than the upgrade + MATS cost.

Note that there is also the option of a 3 year licence for an even lower annual fee plus there are further discounts for volume licences.

If you have any questions or need a quotation, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

(July 2021)

MapInfo Pro UK Precisely UK Partner

Precisely announces version 2019.3 of MapInfo Pro

Precisely strongly encourages customers to stay current by upgrading to the latest release for MapInfo Pro. This is a full install taking MapInfo over to the Precisely family of software products. You do not need a new Serial Number if you already have version 2019. The install routine will uninstall your old version before installing this new one.

Feature Additions in this Release

New Precisely Branding and API endpoints - You will notice a lot of Purple now! The API endpoints that power GeoMap base maps, Geocoding, and Drivetime services within MapInfo Pro have also moved over to Precisely servers. You may need to re-register for these services (using the same credentials). Registering also gives you the access to the Marketplace feature within MapInfo.

NOTE:You will need to update to this latest version of MapInfo Pro v.2019.3 to maintain access to these features.

New LiDAR tools

Surface Analysis - Provides limited triangulation capabilities to a standard MapInfo Pro user - more available in Advanced.

Tree Canopy Analysis - Enables three different methods for canopy cover analysis.

These features allow you to take in numerous LiDAR .las or .laz files and process them. The Surface and Tree Canopy analysis requires the raw LiDAR data, which contains additonal readings to just a height value. In our tests with the open data from the Scottish Remote Sensing Portal revealed that those laz files had already been sanitised.

Python Console window - Edit and execute Python code interactively from within MapInfo Pro using the Python console window.

Numerous Enhancements and Product Updates

Software and Release Notes Links

Head over to the Knowledge Community to get your download links. Customers will receive an email with all the details https://community.precisely.com/home


(November 2020)

Lidar Image

CDR Group has a renewed place on G-Cloud 12, the UK Government's cloud procurement framework

We are very pleased to announce the renewed offering of Spectrum Spatial as a cloud based GIS application via the G-Cloud catalogue. Spectrum Spatial, from Precisely, is a powerful web mapping tool that can be accessed from any device in any location and has an intuitive interface that allows staff to jump straight into spatial data without any training. We already work with a number of public sector organisations and hope that being included in the governments procurement framework will give prospective customers the final vote of confidence they need to invest in CDR.

G-cloud offers public sector organisations the opportunity to purchase their cloud-based software and services from a single catalogue. Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a contract (or ‘call-off contract’) for each service bought through a framework. G-Cloud 12 is the twelfth iteration of the G-Cloud framework. G-Cloud is open to all public sector bodies including central government, local government, third sector organisations, NHS and other health providers and education.


(September 2020)

Precisely | Trust in Data - the new name for Pitney Bowes Software and Syncsort

It’s official! It has been announced to the world that Syncsort and Pitney Bowes Software & Data are now Precisely.

Together with valued partners like CDR Group, we will provide software and trusted data to help today’s market leaders make better decisions and, ultimately, build new possibilities.

As part of the rebrand, Pitney Bowes Software and Syncsort are combining their business processes into one Precisely environment. Now, with the combined portfolio of leading data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products, we’re able to realize the vision for data integrity.

As a customer of Syncsort or Pitney Bowes Software & Data, you can continue to rely on the same products, services, and support you have enjoyed in the past. With one combined portfolio under Precisely, you now have access to even more products and capabilities than ever before.

There is the new Precisely website at https://www.precisely.com

Products from Pitney Bowes Software & Data can be found on the Verify, Locate, Enrich and Engage product pages.

  • Products focused on data quality and data context are found in the Verify section;
  • Products focused on location intelligence, geocoding and mapping spatial insights are in the Locate section;
  • Business, location and demographic data is found under Enrich;
  • And, products related to communicating with customers whenever, wherever and however suits them are found under Engage.


You can expect to hear more from us in the coming months with updates.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us by email, as we currently work from home sales@cdrgroup.co.uk

(May 2020)

MapInfo® Pro v2019.1
Visualize data your way, right away

April sees the new release of the MapInfo Pro 2019.1 update. It is available as a trial download on the web and as a maintenance upgrade to existing customers through Digital River.

What's new in MapInfo Pro v2019.1:

Python Language Support: Python 3.7.6 x64 is installed with MapInfo Pro in the installation directory in the Python37 folder. MapInfo Pro uses the PythonNet implementation to interact with the Python environment and allow interop between .NET and Python. Multiple modules (numpy, scipy, seaborn, pandas, matplotlib, osgeo, ptvsd, mi_py_debugger) are preinstalled and can be used out of the box. Installation of additional modules is supported as well. “Run Application” MapBasic statement now supports executing *.py files.

Improvements in Select By Location Dialog: now you can specify the name of the results table, have an option to display results in a new Browser window, add results to topmost Map window, add colour override to results added to the map, find results in a Map or Browser window and execute the query without changing current selection.

Quick Search: if you are connected to internet, MapInfo Marketplace content is now searchable.

Save/Restore AddIN Ribbon Controls on QAT: Using the IRibbon.SaveRibbonState() and IRibbon.LoadRibbonState() methods, you can save or restore a control added to the ribbon to the QAT.

4K Monitor support: Improved dialog listbox scaling on 4K monitor.

Heat Maps: on the Heatmap dialog box, we have added the Select Column option to enable you to specify the column from the input table that will be used to weighting calculations on a column value.

Updates in the Raster Calculator tool: we have added more functions to the Calculator tool to support bitwise operations. These functions can be applied to unsigned integers.

Enhancements in the Raster Contour Dialog Box: we have added Match Colours to Input checkbox on the main panel of the Contour dialog box. This checkbox is used for colouring the contour lines/polygons according to the colour scheme of the input raster.

For trial users: The Evaluation Version link below is an evaluation copy with 30 days free. If you decide to purchase a license through our estore you can add your serial number and access code for the full version at the end of the trial period or any time prior.

For existing maintenance customers: Click on the Maintenance Upgrade link below and you will be directed to our estore platform to complete the checkout and download process. If you have never used the estore before, please visit the Help Guide for step-by-step instructions. You will be able to download both the new v2019 version as well as an option for downloading the sample data separately.

MapInfo Viewer: A free read-only version of MapInfo is available in v2019. This is part of the normal MapInfo installation where you can choose to install the viewer. This is available in either the Evaluation or Maintenance links below.


NOTE: This update includes a single installer that allows you to install English, Japanese, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Turkish and Hebrew languages.

(April 2020)

MapInfo Pro Logo

Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CDR are still here for you

CDR is closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at a global and local level for all affected businesses. We are committed to doing the right thing for our employees, our clients and our partners during this time of uncertainty. We aim to provide you with a continued service during these extreme circumstances of the global pandemic.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this virus and we are grateful for the healthcare workers who are attending to the sick and working tirelessly to contain the spread. Under extremely adverse circumstances we are seeing the best in people as we unite to fight this global pandemic. The health, well-being, and safety of our employees, clients and communities remain our highest priority.

For our part, we will continue to take the necessary and required steps to ensure our work environment and employees are safe and healthy. All employees who can work from home are now doing so and meetings are being held virtually. We have suspended all client, partner and non-essential site visits to our offices.

Despite enormous challenges, we are committed to seamlessly providing the service and support you depend on from us. We are taking the necessary steps to minimise disruption, adapting to a new way of doing business until such time that we can return to 'normal'.

We ask that all initial communications are performed by email to sales@cdrgroup.co.uk as our best option to responding to you in a timely manner.

Our team take pride in the work they do in helping customers fulfil their duties. We know that many of them work in public service and the emergency services. We are here to help in our small way.

Best wishes everyone and we shall be in touch again soon.

(April 2020)

Stay At Home Image

MapInfo Pro v2019 is released!

We are pleased to announce the release of MapInfo Pro v2019. This release is loaded with new features to increase your productivity and help your organisation make better location-based decisions.

How you’ll benefit from MapInfo® Pro v2019

  • New SQL Window – Find, segment and update your data faster and easier

  • MapInfo Marketplace – Enhance your location analytics with customised apps

  • Map Layout Improvements – Make beautiful maps with new layout improvements via feature parity with 32-bit interface focusing on vector legends and line/fill style enhancements

  • Heat Mapping – Turn your data into insights using new, integrated heat mapping

  • Additional Programming Support – New support for .NET and Python providing more powerful extensions to MapInfo Pro and MapBasic enhancements.

If you would like to get a trial download for 30 days, please click here

Maintenance & Technical Support customers will shortly be receiving an email detailing how you can upgrade to v19 and your new Serial Numbers.

Please get in touch for a free trial if you're not in contract but interested in upgrading.

(November 2019)

MapInfo 2019 Logo

MapInfo Heatmap Image

MapInfo Training for moving over to the 64-bit interface

Windows 7 support ends in January 2020 and we have seen a dash to upgrade users to Windows 10 recently. So isn't it time to upgrade your MapInfo to version 17?

What is holding you back? Perhaps it is the new ribbon interface and the changes that have taken place since your 32-bit version was released?

If you're not on v17, then you're already missing out on

  • The new Welcome screen with direct access to the Knowledge Communities

  • The invaluable Quick Search feature to find your favourite commands

  • Themes in the Layer Control (and Layout).

  • Enhancements to the Raster capabilities

  • Layout Templates, Smart Text and Smart Guides

  • Free credits for online Geocoding and Drivetime Regions

  • New 64-bit FREE ProViewer

  • Access to online GeoMaps (OSM) in 3 varieties

  • MapInfo Pro Python add-in for developers

  • MapInfo Marketplace preview

There are tutorials and videos online to help you but perhaps you require a bit more help. CDR has put together a one day training course for existing users to go through the new features and help you to get the most out of this much improved software. It's not just a case of finding where your favourite tools and functions have moved to - the Layout especially has a much better and easier process for producing output.

One of CDR's team can come to you and work through the new ways or working. For further details about the Training course visit this page https://www.cdrgroup.co.uk/train_mi64info.htm

We would be more than happy to help you.

(November 2019)

MapInfo Pro Logo

RouteFinder v6 now available!

RouteFinder for MapInfo v6 has just been released and is now available to download for all Maintenance & Technical Support customers. Available in both 32-bit (MapInfo v10.0 - v15.0) and 64-bit (MapInfo v15.2 and above) variations.

New features include:

  • Graduated isochrones - as shown.
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Location to Facilities
  • Centre point of network
  • New route options dialog
  • New No Through Road option
  • Allow a fixed travel time on a link
  • Display time as a string e.g. 1h 25m 35s
  • Attribute calculator
  • Keep display of onteractive results
  • NativeX tables as input/output in 64-bit
  • Many other updates to existing functions


(August 2019)

Graduated Isochrone Image

MapInfo v17.0.3 now available!

MapInfo v17.0.3 has just been released and is now available to download for all Maintenance & Technical Support customers.

New features include:

1. Python language support giving you the ability to include third party Python GIS applications or use the GDAL/OGR plug ins to create your own.
2. Improved Keyboard Shortcuts which are now accessible from the Pro tab under Options. You can now use one letter shortcuts as well as change the tool tips (text displayed when you hover over a tool).
3. MapInfo Marketplace preview which allows you to download and install additional tools from within MapInfo. More and more tools will be added in due course bringing one click in-house downloads to MapInfo. These are downloaded straight into the 'Tools' folder and don't require administrative privileges giving MapInfo users more freedom to use their software.

... v17.0.3 also includes over 24 bug fixes!

(July 2019)

MapInfo Marketplace preview image

MapInfo User Forum, London 4th June 2019

The MapInfo User Forum is just over a month away! Have you registered?

The UK MapInfo User Group Forum is an annual event which brings together Pitney Bowes technical experts, Product Managers, Partners and MapInfo users for a full day of networking, seminars and workshops. The day is sure to be informative with a panel of experts on hand to answer your questions, live tutorials using the latest version of MapInfo and presentations rich in real life case studies.

PLUS - we shall also see the launch of MapInfo v17.0.3 on the day, so the new features such as Python scripting and the "MapInfo Marketplace" for add-ins will be exciting.

CDR Group will be attending and have a stand in the Harris Suite. Please do come and say hi!

To book your free place and check the agenda visit: https://www.pitneybowes.com/uk/campaign/muguk.html

(May 2019)

Register here

MapInfo Training News Spring 2019

2019 is sure to be a turbulent year - in February, there were days when we were defrosting the cars in the morning and sunbathing at lunch time! Although we can't help sort the weather out, we can help you have a bumper year using MapInfo. We run AGI accredited training courses at our CDR offices in the Peak District. These courses give you a thorough grounding in the software with small groups and lots of hands on experience.

We have three training course options:

32 to 64 bit Transition (1 day)
NEXT COURSE: 8th May 2019
Perfect for easing you into the new interface and ribbon menus. This is a new course for users who already have a working knowledge of MapInfo in 32bit but need help transitioning to the 64bit versions.

MapInfo Foundation (2 day)
NEXT COURSE: 14th & 15th May 2019
For newcomers to MapInfo or those who use it infrequently and want to cover the basics.

MapInfo Advanced (2 day)
NEXT COURSE: 23rd & 24th July 2019
For regular MapInfo users who already know the basics but want to learn more about everything MapInfo has to offer.

Please use our contact form to find out more.

(March 2019)
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32bit and 64bit ribbons Image

MapInfo Pro version 17.0.2 released and MapInfo ProViewer is back in 64-bit!

MapInfo Pro version 17.0.2 released and MapInfo ProViewer is back in 64-bit!

MapInfo ProViewer has returned with the release of MapInfo Pro v17.0.2, giving non GIS savvy colleagues the ability to open and analyse MapInfo workspaces and tables. Viewer is a 'lite' version of MapInfo Pro - the ribbons and interface remain the same but advanced editing and querying tools have been greyed out. Users can still run basic queries, turn layers on and off and edit layouts before printing. This really is a fantastic add-on for MapInfo and best of all, Viewer is free to download for as many users as you like!

Pitney Bowes have also added GeoMap base maps to v17.0.2 as a free alternative to Bing base maps. These are based on OpenStreetMap data and appear next to the Bing base map buttons on the 'Open' dropdown box. (Please note that OSM is open source data and not as accurate as commercial base maps such as Ordnance Survey.)

Improvements have been made to the Print Layout pages including a new Distribute Horizontally button to evenly space layout items. You can find more information and discussion on the new Knowledge Communities website https://community.precisely.com/home

You can download MapInfo Pro v17.0.2 from the Pitney Bowes download page here or Check for Updates in the backstage area of MapInfo Pro. Your existing v17 serial number will continue to work.

(January 2019)

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ProViewer v17 Screen Image

GeoMap Options Image

GeoMaps Image


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