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Archived News



New Release – HS Gridder v4

NEW RELEASE – HS Gridder v4 for MapInfo

The next addition of spatial analytics for Crime Analysis (or any incident data) with the arrival of the HS Gridder for MapInfo Pro from Portolan Technology.

HS Gridder V4 Spatial Analytics Image

HS Gridder is the ideal Hotspot Mapping accompaniment for MapInfo

HS Gridder is a MapBasic tool to assist with the spatial and temporal analysis of crime locations within a MapInfo Pro environment – it creates Hot Spot maps. It can also be applied to any other incident data with location and time attributes for deeper analysis thatn “just” location.

Originally developed for the Victoria Police Force in Australia, the software has since been deployed to other Police Forces including Surrey Police in the UK. The classic use of Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) for defining hotspots has since been enhanced by the latest crime analysis algorithm of the Getis-Ord Gi* routine to identify statistically significant hotspots.

New in Version 4

  • Point Clusters feature uses the DBSCAN method to pick out groups of points and display a representative point and label it with the number of points in that cluster.
  • L/M/E Hotspots, which will help to identify Long Term, Medium Term or Emerging Hotspots. This requires 12 months of data and will assess fortnightly intervals in the analysis.

    Mobile Phone Analysis using mobile phone data

  • The Cell Sectors function will draw wedges indicating a direction from a tower;
  • The Movement Links are drawn to indicate how a phone moves from one tower to the next over time;
  • Summarise Time Labels will create stacked labels indicating times and frequency of call from a tower, as it also creates a manageable number of labels. CDR Group can provide instruction on how to animate mobile phone data, to display movement of the records over time.

    HS Gridder Time Labels Image

CDR Group is pleased to be working within a partnership agreement with Portolan Technology to offer this software and related support services. Additionally, CDR offers a consultancy service to assist clients in achieving the very best results from their data using the powerful combination of MapInfo Pro plus
HS Gridder

(April 2024)

CDR Celebrate 30 years of being a MapInfo Partner

Back in 1994, we “discovered” the MapInfo software application. At the time Windows 3.1 was new!
We were used to bigger and more expensive GIS and CAD systems and we were a little sceptical about this “cheaper” product. So we invited the MapInfo UK team up to Hope to discuss where this might fit into our business.

Firstly, we were impressed that they managed to get through the 10 inches of snow that day!! We had been impressed by the data handling of both raster and vector data by MapInfo but we had some reservations about handling large amounts of engineering data, Ordnance Survey data and plotting to a large scale. Thirty minutes later and our reservations were put to bed – we just hadn’t explored all the features, being newbies.

We were invited to one of the first European Partner Conferences being held in Brighton that year, with a view to signing-up and also to speak with other Partners. That’s where we first met Bob Young of By Design and we talked about developing apps using MapBasic. After a few beers we were hooked. This was such a positive network and it was about to open a lot of new doors for us. We did sign-up as Partners the next day and a new adventure started.

These were the heady days when there was a huge expansion and adoption of GIS into many sectors in the UK. We sold a lot of copies of MapInfo, which was seen as a bit of a threat to other Partners but we settled into a recognition that there was plenty of business for everyone. Most Partners had specialisms or targets in certain sectors or had built niche applications. We have worked with other Partners, re-sold their apps or simply worked in parallel in the MapInfo environment. For CDR, our specialist subject is MapInfo itself and we enjoy sharing our knowledge through our training courses.

In the year 2000 we were awarded UK Partner of the Year and have received further accolades over the years, cementing our place as a trusted partner, consistently delivering an excellent service to our many customers. The company also achieved ISO9001 for operating a Quality Management System, which is audited annually by NQA.

MapInfo Corporation grew world-wide and added more products and data services offerings for their customer base. MapInfo is a complete desktop mapping solution for the GIS analyst and has the rare combination of being immensely powerful yet easy to use. With the exponential growth in location data the company developed web and enterprise solutions. In 2007, Pitney Bowes entered into a merger agreement to acquire MapInfo Corporation. Being part of a larger software division at Pitney Bowes, we saw the capabilities of the Spectrum technology platform to handle the growth of Big Data and adding Location Intelligence into that mix. New Addressing and GeoEnrichment capabilities could now handle billions of data records, not just millions.

2020 was quite a year for many. It also marked the merger of Pitney Bowes Software and Syncsort. In May, the new company was rebranded as Precisely. Now all of the Location Intelligence offerings are an integral part of the Data Integrity Suite. The modular, interoperable Precisely Data Integrity Suite contains everything you need to deliver accurate, consistent, contextual data to your business – wherever and whenever it’s needed.
30 years of change. MapInfo version 3 to MapInfo Pro v2023. Embrace the change and be prepared to adapt to it.

(March 2024)

All MapInfo Logos

NEW RELEASE – MapInfo Pro v2023

The next dimension of spatial analytics is here with the arrival of the release of MapInfo Pro v2023.

What is MapInfo Pro?

Great question! MapInfo Pro is a complete, desktop mapping solution for the geographic information system (GIS) analyst to visualize, analyse, edit, interpret, and output data - revealing relationships, patterns, and trends.

What are the benefits?

  • A Complete Solution: An all-in-one solution that manages, analyses, and visualises data for mapping and map publishing.

  • Custom Applications: Solve your specific business needs with customized applications available in the MapInfo Marketplace.

  • Scalable Analytics: MapInfo Pro supports teams of all sizes, delivering tools for use across the entire organization.

  • User-Centric Collaboration: Professional peer communities provide ideas, tips, and tricks

Explore MapInfo Pro free for 30-days

MapInfo Pro GIS software employs geospatial analytics and location intelligence to help you create insightful models of location-centric scenarios. Use these models to simulate different outcomes - then act with confidence.

(September 2023)

3D Map Hotspots Image

Another year of ISO 9001 Quality Standards

We started on the path to Quality Assurance as a company 30 years ago and achieved the old BS5750 for Quality Management Systems the following year.

Then it went to the international standard of ISO9001.

We have been audited every year since and just achieved another successful audit. Far from being a simple documentation of our processes, this has been a continual journey of change and improvement that works for CDR Group and proof that this assures our customers of the high standards of quality that we strive for.

Thank you to NQA for their service in the external accreditation.

(July 2023)

CDR Group is accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2015

CDR Group has a renewed place on G-Cloud 13, the UK Government's cloud procurement framework

Once more, we are very pleased to announce the renewed offering of Spectrum Spatial as a cloud based GIS application via the G-Cloud catalogue. Spectrum Spatial, from Precisely, is a powerful web mapping tool that can be accessed from any device in any location and has an intuitive interface that allows staff to jump straight into spatial data without any training. We already work with a number of public sector organisations and hope that being included in the governments procurement framework will give prospective customers the final vote of confidence they need to invest in CDR Group.

G-Cloud 13 offers public sector organisations the opportunity to purchase their cloud-based software and services from a single catalogue. Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a contract (or ‘call-off contract’) for each service bought through a framework. G-Cloud 13 is the thirteenth iteration of the G-Cloud framework. G-Cloud is open to all public sector bodies including central government, local government, third sector organisations, NHS and other health providers and education.
Just search for > Precisely Spectrum Spatial or > CDR Group in the category > Cloud Software

(September 2022)


CCS Supplier Logo

Precisely Spectrum Spatial v2022.1 Released

Spectrum Spatial v2022.1 - was released on the 31st March and is now available.

v2022.1 of Spectrum Spatial

This release tackles the major security concerns following the Log4Shell vulnerability issue of last year, that affected most java based systems. The Spectrum Platform (which includes Spectrum Spatial server) and Spectrum Spatial Analyst will now require JDK 11 as a pre-requisite for deployment. JDK8 is no longer supported for deployment of the Platform.
It also comes with enhanced features and a number of bug fixes.

Here's a list of some of the most important improvements in Spectrum Spatial v2022.1:

  • Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) table - volatility enhancements. The concept of volatility will now apply to TAB files which are using MRR as a source.
  • MRR precision and type enhancements.
  • Sub-admins to manage their own named connections via the Spatial Manager.
  • Support for SQL Server 2019 and Oracle 18c and 19c data sources.
  • Support has been added for PostGIS as a destination source when uploading data from SSA using the internal data upload service. SSA will now show connections for Post GIS in addition to SQL Server and file-based connections (which are used for uploading to TAB file as a destination).
  • Show data bind info using custom templates.
  • Support for Third Party WMTS services.
  • Spatial Analyst and the extensibility framework have been upgraded to Angular 11. The benefits are that load times when first browsing to the application will be noticeably improved.

The underlying components used by Analyst have been updated. The primary changes are:-

  • Openlayers is now on version 6.5 rather than 4.5.

  • PrimeNG is version 11.

  • The underlying library supporting extensibility actions and state management is now NGRX 11.

For more information on the Precisely website visit

(April 2022)

Spectrum Spatial Image

MapInfo Pro v2021.1 Released

MapInfo Pro v2021.1 - a minor upgrade to MapInfo Pro v2021 - was released on the 31st March and can be downloaded from here

v2021.1 of MapInfo Pro

This release comes with full support for all the localized languages that MapInfo Pro supports. And, it also comes with enhanced features and a number of bug fixes.

Here's a list of some of the most important improvements in MapInfo Pro v2021.1:

  • New Choose Projection dialog with favourite and most recent used projections and with Search support lets you reuse and find projections a lot easier
  • Support for time-enabled WMS layers allows you to use these in conjunction with Time Series. The time-enabled layers are marked with a time symbol in the Open WMS Table dialog
  • Visibility Expression support for Raster and Vector layers allows you to control when a layer should be visible.
  • Can be used in combination with Time Series to turn on and off layers for specific time intervals.
  • You can now time-enable layers for the Time Series analysis in more ways. You can use existing columns, use a MapBasic expression, use the Layer Visibility Expression, and you can use a time-enabled WMS layer.
  • New projections for Germany and the Philippines.
  • Refresh Query support in these dialogs: SQL Select, Select by Location and Select by Attribute let you refresh an already open query without removing it from windows.
  • WFS Tab files in a shared location. WFS data files can now be stored in a temporary location allowing you to share the WFS tab files across multiple users
  • Offline MapInfo Pro Viewer lets you use MapInfo Pro Viewer without constant internet access.

And don't want to forget that MapBasic v2021.1 has also been released. Find it here

The place to go to find out more - complete with images and further explanation - is the MapInfo Pro online Community. Peter Moller does a great job here

(April 2022)

Time Enable Layers Image


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