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Traffic Accident Reporting System

The TARS system, developed on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council, uses Access 7 and MapInfo Professional to aid in the storage, management, recall, analysis and display of Road Traffic Accident information. The data may be exported to third party software packages.

Access to the TARS system is fully protected by a self contained password system that works in addition to any network imposed security restrictions.

TARS2 contains two main areas of functions: those related to the database and those to the geographic mapping of accidents using MapInfo.

Database functions:

  • Import and storage of STATS19 data
  • Automatic or interactive validation on the accident, vehicle and person records to identify and correct any that are in conflict
  • Interrogation and analysis of data
  • Output of queries in standard reports
  • Output of data in correct format to the DoT and DVLC

MapInfo functions:

  • Background map display
  • Display of accident sketches as bitmaps
  • Plotting of symbols denoting the location and severity of accidents
  • Symbols denoting areas of interest generated by selections or queries
  • Black Spot Analysis to identify areas of the road network that sustain a high number of accidents
  • Map output and map based reports

Installation System Requirements

The minimum specification for TARS2 is hardware running Windows 95. Volume of hard disc storage is dependent upon the quantity of accident records held, typically, 50Mb may be required for 10 years of accident records.

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