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OS OpenData products available through CDR

CDR Group is an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner, licensed to sell Ordnance Survey data and provide services for users of digital mapping products covering all of Great Britain*. The following products were made freely available under the OS OpenData™ programme on 1st April 2010.

There are 11 products now available to download or order directly from the Ordnance Survey website, where you will find more information. Please click here for more information.

CDR has responded to customer requirements to provide a professional service to manage and supply the data, configured ready for use in MapInfo for a small administrative charge on an annual basis. The costs reflect the amount of data and the frequency of updates supplied in the year.

The following products have been made available:

OS Street View®
1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster
1:50,000 Scale Gazetteer
OS Locator™
Code-Point® Open
OS Terrain 50®
OS VectorMap® District
Meridian® 2

OpenData Image

Product Descriptions

OS Street View®

OS Street View® is street-level, backdrop map data that is specifically designed for online applications, as it can be downloaded quickly from both the Internet and Intranet.
It provides a scanned image of street-level mapping that can be combined with other data in a geographical information system (GIS), enabling you to clearly visualise a wide range of information in a geographical context. The street-level detail of OS Street View® makes it particularly useful for displaying specific localities.

OS Street View Image

Tile supply
Available for the whole of Great Britain or England, or Scotland or Wales or by 100km OS grid square. Each map image represents a 5 x 5 km area or 'tile' and supplied in tif format with a corresponding MapInfo tab file.
Features and benefits
High-resolution raster backdrop map data:

  • Shows clear street-level detail, including building outlines, woodland and water on a static map backdrop.
  • Supplied in low volume data tiles for fast download from the Internet or your Intranet.
  • Includes a colour palette that can be customised to enhance or hide features.

Free to order on DVD from here

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1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster

1:250,000 Scale map base combines roads, railways and other key features to make this the ideal cartographic backdrop for overlaying business information. This small-scale product gives an excellent overview of the country.

Features and benefits

  • Shows all cities, towns and many villages, as well as features in the Ordnance Survey Road Map series, including all motorways and A and B roads, enabling simple route planning.
  • High resolution for excellent image clarity.

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1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster Image

Supplied for all of GB


MiniScale® is a small-scale product, nominally at 1:1 million scale, designed for use within desktop graphic applications to provide simple backdrop mapping covering the whole of Great Britain. MiniScale is created using desktop graphic software so it can be customised and converted into any graphic format, without the need for a complex geographical information system (GIS). MiniScale is aimed at professional/business markets, its graphic specification can provide assistance with:

  • Producing simple, good quality mapping, ideal for use in magazines and brochures.

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MiniScale Image

MiniScale is supplied on one DVD as a single data file in TIFF LZW format.

Free to order on DVD from here

1:50,000 Scale Gazetteer

1:50,000 Scale provides an excellent reference tool or location finder, allowing you to locate your area of interest immediately. The gazetteer can also be used to navigate around the map, geocode your data or create lists of places within a specified area.

1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer contains entries for airports, farms, hills, woodlands, commons and other places, including over 42 000 towns and settlements with co-ordinates to 1 km resolution.

Features and benefits

  • Enables you to find locations around the country quickly, as national coverage is held in one seamless file.
  • Contains every name featured on the 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster product.
  • It is updated in conjunction with Landranger® revision cycles, giving you product consistency. Highly detailed, containing over
    250 000 names from farms to cities.

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1:50k Scale Gazetteer Image

OS Locator™

OS Locator™ is a fully searchable national gazetteer of road names. It enables users to identify and find specific locations by a number of criteria including locality, settlement, local authority and county. It has been created to complement Ordnance Survey's range of mid-scales raster map data products, such as OS Street View®

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OS Locator Image


Boundary-Line™ is a specialist 1:10 000 scale boundaries dataset. It contains all levels of electoral and administrative boundaries, from district, wards and civil parishes (or communities) up to parliamentary, assembly and European constituencies.
The information is represented as vector digital data. The boundary information is updated twice a year, in May and October. The May release contains the boundaries that become live in the first week of May, in the year of release. The October release contains the May boundaries plus additional information.

Features and boundaries incorporated in Boundary-Line

  • County - The named county, district, district ward, civil parish, county electoral division (ED).
  • European constituencies - The named European region.
  • Greater London Authority - The GLA, GLA Assembly constituency, London borough, London borough ward.
  • Metropolitan districts - The named metropolitan district, metropolitan district ward, civil parish where appropriate.
  • Scottish parliamentary electoral region - The named Scottish Parliamentary electoral region, Scottish parliamentary constituency.
  • Unitary authorities- The named unitary authority, unitary authority ward or unitary authority ED as appropriate, civil parish where appropriate, together with community in Wales.
  • Welsh Assembly Electoral Region - The named Welsh Assembly electoral region, Welsh assembly constituency.
  • Westminster constituencies - The named Westminster constituency.
  • Extent of the realm - Low water mark or seaward boundary extension.
  • High water mark
  • Unique identifiers - For administrative areas, polygons and links.
  • Area measurements
  • Definitive names
  • Census codes

Available as component features or by geography

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Boundary Line Image

Features and benefits

  • A detailed and definitive boundary dataset for Great Britain suited to multiple applications using a GIS, CAD and digital mapping systems.
  • Structured vector format, offering maximum functionality.
  • Digitised against and displayed at 1:10 000 scale mapping.
  • Area values for every polygon.
  • Census Agency codes (where available) allow you to link Boundary-Line polygons with census statistics.

Free to download or order on DVD from here

Code-Point® Open

Code-Point® Open provides a precise geographical location for each postcode unit in the United Kingdom. There are approximately 1.7 million postcode units in England, Scotland and Wales. Each postcode unit, such as KY12 8UP or PO14 2RS, contains an average of fifteen adjoining addresses.

Features and benefits

  • An economical planning or marketing tool for users not requiring individual addresses.
  • Has fewer attributes than the Premium Code-Point product.
  • Geographical location for Code-Point is taken from Ordnance Survey's Addressing data.

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Code-Point Open Image

GB coverage only

OS Terrain 50®

OS Terrain 50® is a new height product for Great Britain

It is supplied both as a set of 50m gridded digital terrain model (OS Terrain 50 grid) and 10m contours and spot heights (OS Terrain 50 contours).

Notice: OS Terrain 50 grid has been released first, OS Terrain 50 contours will follow shortly.

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Land-Form PANORAMA Image

Free to download or order on DVD from here.

OS VectorMap® District

This is a new product to meet the mid-scale mapping requirements of users. It is available in both vector and raster formats.

Version 1.0 was fully released in April 2013 and has been created through a trial process using innovative new production techniques.
Available for the whole of Great Britain or England, or Scotland or Wales or by 100km OS grid square.

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OS VectorMap District Image

Meridian® 2

Topographic Theme and Communication Theme
is a mid-scale digital representation of Great Britain that allows considerable customisation of its transport network and topographic themes, which means that the user can create functional geographic solutions for their business needs.

All of the geographical features are extracted from existing Ordnance Survey databases and are fully maintained in order to deliver an annual product update. When used in conjunction with users own compatible data the resulting application is a truly useful GIS asset.

The product is typically viewed at 1:50,000 and at this scale the generalisation of its features maintain geometric integrity and accuracy.
The intended primary use of this data is as a customisable base mapping solution, useful for general and presentational standard mapping.

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Meridian 2 Image

The vector format allows considerable customisation and spatial analysis of the data across the organisation.

  • Major roads routing functionality
  • Location and backdrop mapping
  • Planning in relation to main road, rail and river infrastructure
  • Site location for retail or wholesale trades
  • Territory management
  • Environmental analysis

Features and benefits

  • Communication and topographic themes are available separately.
  • Complete coverage of Great Britain.
  • Includes textual attribution of geographic features.
  • All features are represented as polylines, polygons, point and text annotation.
  • Supplied in industry standard formats for use in GIS applications.
  • Each feature record has a description relating to the physical entity which it represents.
  • Polyline and polygon features are contiguous and match across tile boundaries.
  • Meridian 2 is updated annually, incorporating upgraded source data and some additional minor enhancements.

    Free to download or order on DVD from here.


Strategi® is detailed digital map data, ideal for applications requiring an overview of geographical information on England, Scotland and Wales. It is derived from the Ordnance Survey 1:250 000 scale topographic database and provides mapping for applications requiring a regional overview.
Geographical features within Strategi are represented as vector (point and line) data, enabling you to link your business information to relevant features on the map for planning purposes, analyse trends or create simplified routing information.

Features and benefits

The high specification of Strategi offers a number of benefits.

  • Available as Great Britain coverage.
  • Comprehensive range of feature types, including railways, airports, ferries, water features, ceremonial boundaries, cities, towns and other settlements, woods and land use, and geographic names.
  • The definitive 1:250 000 scale dataset for Great Britain suited to multiple applications using a GIS, computer-aided design (CAD) and digital mapping systems.
  • Structured vector format, offering maximum functionality and allowing you to build closed polygons.
  • Annually updated from maintained data source.
  • Gazetteer - as part of the Strategi package a 1:250 000 scale names gazetteer is supplied. The text files will contain the settlement name, admin area and National Grid coordinates.

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Strategi Image

Free to download or order on DVD from here.

CDR Group is able to offer you a professional service to manage and supply the data, configured ready for use in MapInfo for a small administrative charge on an annual basis.

OS OpenData™ is covered by either Crown Copyright, Crown Database Right, or has been licensed to the Crown.

You are free to:

  • copy, distribute and transmit the Data;
  • adapt the Data;
  • exploit the Data commercially whether by sub-licensing it, combining it with other data, or by including it in your own product or application.

You must:

  • acknowledge the copyright and the source of the Data by including any attribution statement specified by the Data Provider. If no specific
    statement is provided please use the following:

    Contains [insert name of Data Provider] data © Crown copyright and database right

  • include the same acknowledgment requirement in any sub-licences of the Data that you grant, and a requirement that any further sub-licences do the same;
  • ensure that you do not use the Data in a way that suggests the Data Provider endorses you or your use of the Data;
  • ensure that you do not misrepresent the Data or its source.

* CDR is also an Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Licensed Partner (now part of Land & Property Services). Different data products cover Northern Ireland.

Contact the sales team at CDR Group for any further help or advice.

Tel: 01433 621282
Email: sales@cdrgroup.co.uk

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