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MapInfo GBPro Data

Comprehensive, easy to use and understand map data of Great Britain

Whether your organisation covers all of England, Scotland and Wales or just one part, MapInfo GBPro provides a very high quality, flexible and cost conscious solution for creating the maps on which you build your location-based business applications. Two versions are available offering you a choice of scale and detail to suit your specific business requirements and budget. Both enable you to produce easy to use and interpret maps, based on wide ranging, accurate, reliable and high quality content.

Key features

Use GBPro map data to...

Why choose GBPro map data?

  • National, county and district boundaries
  • Postcode areas and districts
  • Water and coastal features
  • Gazetteer of places
  • Motorways and other roads:
    • 'A' roads
    • 'B' roads
    • Primary roads
    • Unclassified roads
  • Air, ferry and rail communications
  • Tourist, sporting, historic and other places of interest
  • Forests, parks, woodlands, National Trust, scenic and urban areas
  • Contours and spot heights
  • Raster map
  • Analyse customer locations
  • "Find-the-nearest"
  • Research markets
  • Plan and review sales territories
  • Enhance customer relationship management
  • Improve business intelligence
  • MapInfo Ready: no set up required
  • Choice of entry level or premium versions depending on application
  • Requirement and budget
  • Clear and easy to understand presentation
  • Indexed for easy searching
  • Full documentation included
  • Updates available annually
  • Internet Pricing available

MapInfo GBPro200



GBPro200 is MapInfo's premium 1:200,000 scale map product designed for applications and users who require detailed information on Great Britain, but who do not need extensive and costly street level data. Over 60 layers of information are included, which combine to build a complete and multidimensional picture of Great Britain.

Over half of this layered data is indexed and searchable allowing users to locate almost any information that they need on an exact location such as a town, place of interest or geographic feature. Six gazetteer layers are provided, including a full gazetteer, for optimal presentation at any view.

The full gazetteer covers over 27,000 cities, towns and settlements across Great Britain and provides one comprehensive layer enabling quick and precise identification of the right location. With so much information available, each layer of data in GBPro200 has been carefully prepared using unique symbols, colours and styles so it is easily discerned from other layers. And, all of this is clearly listed in one key table that users can access at any time. An easy to use MapInfo workspace lets you get up and running quickly and ensures your map data is presented well. It automatically manages the data you choose so each data layer is displayed and labelled at an optimal zoom range.

If you want, you can choose to customise the workspace to create your own unique look.

MapInfo GBPro500



MapInfo GBPro500 is an entry level version. It offers the same 1:200,000 scale but only with features normally associated with a 1:500,000 scale map. It makes an ideal, cost effective, alternative for users who need just enough spatial information on Great Britain to create overviews that enable location-based applications on the desktop, the intranet or the Internet.

MapInfo GBPro500 incorporates 28 layers of information, the majority of which is searchable. Five gazetteer layers are provided for optimal presentation at any view. A comprehensive gazetteer of nearly 14,000 cities and towns is included for use in finding locations. GBPro500 shares GBPro200's same high attention to helping users use and understand multiple layers of data plotted on a map. Each data layer has its own unique look and feel so you always know what you are looking at, while the MapInfo workspace automatically displays data to best zoom settings for the most stunning presentation or lets you customise the workspace.


Features marked in italics are only available in GBPro200.


  • National & County boundaries
  • District boundaries
  • Postcode Areas and Postcode Districts: e.g. SL and SL4



  • Detailed coastline
  • Detail of sandy beaches and rocky foreshores
  • A backdrop depicting the sea used for quick display
  • Land mass


Land use

  • Military danger zones
  • Forest Parks
  • Urban areas
  • National Parks in Great Britain and Regional Parks in Scotland
  • Areas of outstanding natural beauty and great landscape value
  • Woodland
  • National Trust sites


  • Gazetteer levels 1-5 (both products)
  • Comprehensive listing of cities, towns and settlements in Great Britain (Over 30,000)
  • Geographic labels for over 6,500 physical features throughout Great Britain
  • Locations of camp sites, sport venues, racecourses, theme parks and golf courses
  • Locations of historic sites
  • Locations of general places of interest, religious buildings, university campuses, youth hostels, country parks, gardens, museums, art galleries, nature preserves, preserved railways, wildlife parks and zoos
  • Locations of Tourist Information Centres


  • Motorways, motorway service areas and motorway junctions
  • 'A' roads: dual and single carriageways
  • 'A' road junctions and roundabouts
  • 'B' roads: dual and single carriageways
  • 'B' road junctions and
  • roundabouts
  • Primary roads: dual and single carriageway
  • Primary road junctions and roundabouts
  • Tolls
  • Gradients
  • Unclassified minor and private roads
  • Unclassified junctions


  • Large lakes
  • Lakes: medium and small
  • Canals
  • Dams
  • Marsh
  • Large rivers
  • Minor streams, secondary, tertiary and other rivers
  • Waterfalls


  • Contours: 100 metre and 50 metre contours
  • Spot heights in metres



  • International airports
  • Local airports and heliports
  • Car and passenger ferry routes
  • Level crossings
  • Paths and their associated lengths
  • Major railways and railway stations
  • Other railways and railway stations - non-major, freight, metro and private railways also includes tunnels.



  • 1:200,000 scale raster: raster supplied in both monochrome and full colour



  • A key to all symbols

Technical information

All data is supplied in the MapInfo tab file format. GBPro200 is available for the whole of Great Britain or by Region. GBPro500 is available for the whole of Great Britain only.

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