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MapInfo Version 10.0 Migration Training

The release of MapInfo Professional version 10.0 in 2009 has introduced some huge changes to the interface and Layer Control, which lies at the core of the operation of this software application. CDR has taken the steps to design a one day course to help users of previous versions migrate their skills over to the new version. The intention is to give each delegate the information required to effectively utilise the newer features in version 10. Many of these new features are aimed at working more efficiently and you should see many tasks taking less time to perform.

Whilst attendance on the MapInfo Foundation course (MI2) is useful it is by no means required. However a working knowledge of MapInfo Professional is fundamental (e.g. How to open and close files, dealing with multiple windows, layer control etc)

Throughout the course we use examples from realistic business cases, and there is an opportunity at the end of the course for students to discuss the specifics of their business case with the trainer.

The course covers all aspects of the new features and explains where you may gain advantage. Previous version releases of MapInfo Professional have not really warranted a full day training but it is obvious from our experience and user feedback that this release is worthy of spending time getting to grips with it.

Like all of CDR's training courses the Version 10 Migration course is fully "hands on" with each delegate using a dedicated PC with the latest software versions installed. Comprehensive course notes are issued to each delegate at the start of the course for no extra cost.

Cost: Please contact us for the cost of this course.

MapInfo V10.0 Migration Course Topics

New Interface
Working with the new toolbars.

Behind the Scenes
An explanation of those enhancements that you are never too sure of and are not immediatley visible.

New Tools
The new Proportion Overlap tool, Easyloader and MapCAD tools. MapCAD was introduced in version 9.5 and has now been further enhanced. We shall cover some of these useful functions.

The new dynamic scalebar is a very useful adornment to the Map Window. Learn how to adapt it to your own situation.

Improved Ouput with Layered PDF files
MapInfo now has its own facility to produce layered PDFs. Since Acrobat 6.0, PDFs are capable of holding multiple pages of information in the same space, which are very similar to map layers.

New Layer Control
The Layer Control in vesion 10 has been completely overhauled to provide better ease of use and efficient working. We shall cover the many options and tips for organising and working with your data more effectively.

A couple of new enhancements to the Hotlink feature will be covered to finish off the day.


A working knowledge of MapInfo Professional covering workspaces, layer control, drawing, selecting and querying

This course is recognised by the AGI and carries 4 CPD Points

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