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MapInfo Data Creation Training - MI5

The Data Creation course is designed to develop the user's knowledge of MapInfo Professional to encompass the skills and knowledge required for the specific task of data capture. The intention is to give the student the information required to capture geographic data from a variety of sources efficiently, effectively and accurately. The course is aimed specifically at users who will be involved in the capturing, storing and retrieving of data.

Whilst attendance on the MapInfo Foundation course (MI2) is useful it is by no means required. However a working knowledge of MapInfo Professional is fundamental (e.g. How to open and close files, dealing with multiple windows, layer control etc)

Throughout the course we use examples from realistic business cases, and there is an opportunity at the end of the course for students to discuss the specifics of their business case with the trainer.

The course covers all aspects of data capture including drawing objects, completing attribute information and many hints and tricks on how to draw faster and more accurately all types of map objects. The course also looks at data cleansing and some of the tools included in MapInfo to ensure the best possible results from your data.

Like all of CDR's training courses the Data Creation course is fully "hands on" with each delegate using a dedicated PC with the latest software versions installed. Comprehensive course notes are issued to each delegate at the start of the course for no extra cost.

Cost: Please contact us for the cost of this course.

MapInfo Data Creation Course Topics

Creating Tables - Creating new MapInfo tables, column types and headings and dealing with table projections.

Drawing Map Objects - An introduction to dealing with all types of map objects, how to draw them, style them and the differences between the types.

Real World Drawing - How to create data accurately , introducing nodes and the snap and auto-tracing functions. Deleting and editing map objects and reshaping map objects.

Advanced drawing - Using the combine, erase and split functions from a drawing perspective. Data aggregation and disaggregation. Converting lines to regions and vice versa. Objects enclose function.

Dealing with potential problems - Explaining the data cleaning tools in MapInfo such as Check region and Clean as well tricks for cleaning up the textural data captured.

The "Hidden" Functions - Some of the less well known functions in MapInfo that those capturing data will find invaluable. Such as the RowID function and keyboard map navigation tools.

Background Mapping - A look at the types of data sets used to capture against. Including Ordnance Survey LandLine™ and MasterMap™, also Raster maps, AddressPoint™ and non OS data.

Looking at Real Data - Real data samples captured by CDR Group's dedicated data capture team, fully verified and checked. Showing how data captured to correct standards can and should look, without taking too much time.

This course is recognised by the AGI and carries 4 CPD Points

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