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MapInfo Vertical Mapper Training

This course aims to supply delegates with the knowledge and ability to utilise MapInfo Vertical Mapper to its potential.

The course is one day in duration and covers the essential aspects of the product which includes; creating grids, grid tools, interrogation methods, relief shading, colours and legends, 3D grid view, cross sections, viewsheds and point to point visibility.

Like all CDR's Training Courses, this course is "hands on" using the latest versions of MapInfo Professional and Vertical Mapper.

Cost: Please contact us for the cost of this course.

Vertical Mapper Course Topics

Creating Vertical Mapper Grids - understanding raster grids and their structure

Visualisation of data - interpolation methods and choosing the correct technique

Using different data sources to create numberic or classified grids

Changing the view, colour scheme, size etc. of the grid

Creation and manipulation of 3D data including cross sections and viewsheds

Querying and interrogating raster grids

Point to Point and Multi Point intervisibility

Contours - both the usage of contours to create a grid and their creation from a grid

A working knowledge of MapInfo Professional covering workspaces, layer control, drawing, selecting and querying.

This course is recognised by the AGI and carries 4 CPD Points

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